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[AX 2012 R3] How to get avail quantity of a product by ItemId and get details by inventory dimensions (InventDimId)

 InventDimOnHand onHand;
 InventDimOnHandIterator iter;
 InventDimOnHandMember member;
 InventOnhand inventOnhand;
 ItemId itemId;
 InventDim inventDimCrit;
 InventDimParm inventDimParmCrit, inventDimParmOnHandLevel;
 InventDim inventDim;
 InventDimOnHandLevel level;

 itemId = '123456';

 // Known dimensions
 inventDimCrit.wMSLocationId = 'location01';
 inventDimCrit = InventDim::findOrCreate(inventDimCrit);

 // Determine which of the known dimensions to use
 inventDimParmCrit.WMSLocationIdFlag = true;

 level = InventDimOnHandLevel::DimParm;

 // Determines the level of detail returned
 inventDimParmOnHandLevel.ItemIdFlag = true;
 inventDimParmOnHandLevel.InventLocationIdFlag = true;
 inventDimParmOnHandLevel.WMSLocationIdFlag = true;
 inventDimParmOnHandLevel.InventBatchIdFlag = true;

 onHand = InventDimOnHand::newPhysicalArrived(itemId, inventDimCrit, InventDimParmCrit, level, inventDimParmOnHandLevel);

 iter = onHand.onHandIterator();
 while (iter.more())
 member = iter.value();
 inventDim = InventDim::find(member.parmInventDimId());
 inventOnHand = InventOnhand::newParameters(itemId, inventDim,inventDimParmOnHand);
 info(con2str([member.parmItemId(), inventDim.inventLocationId, inventDim.inventBatchId, inventDim.LicensePlateId, inventDim.inventSerialId, member.parmInventQty(), inventOnHand.availPhysical()]));;


AX2012 SSRS Unable to log on to Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Unable to log on to Microsoft Dynamics AX

The solution, that works for me, is to run the Reporting Services with the same user used for runing the AOS

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